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Sad and funny things happen in our country

It is sad to know what happened in Perak today. Something that we hardly can happen to this peaceful country. But we saw something that are similar to what happened in Bangkok few months ago. We wish it will not become any worse that what happened today. Many people feel sad, really really sad of what is happening in Perak. Politics nowadays become so dirty and many will feel cheated of their lives. The drama in Perak proved that we are still not matured and a miles behind other developed countries. People are laughing at us by the way we are handling our country. We are destroying ourselves.

And the funny things are those people who are in the acts of all these dramas. They can simply change camp and ideology is just a single twist. Are they really worth to be the leader or to represent their people. What about their fights, their people fights, can they just twisting around. What are their plans for their people now and in the future. I bet they don’t have answers for these. They just fighting for themselves, their own interest and not what they claimed. 

At least now we already learned some lessons from this episode. Next time we will be wise enough to judge what is good for our future and our country. Lets not be the laughing stock in the world politic and move forward .


Another Election for Perak

Almost a year gone since the 12 general election and now we are already talking about another election in the state of Perak. Will it be just another by election for the 2 constituencies or a snap election the Perak state. Or there will not be any election at all and will the current situation, things can be a little bit complicated of which party is to rule the state.

As a country who strongly believe in democracy we want to see the rakyat to decide on the government or the leader to lead them. Pakatan Rakyat has lead the state for almost a year and the rakyat should be able to make a better judgment and choice if they want to maintain them or change to a new party to lead them.

It may not be easy this time as we are in the midst of the global recession and there sure enough the parties concern must convince the people that they are capable to turn things around for the rakyat. During the last few weeks, we are being haunted with news of jobless figures, bad economic data and the worse is yet to come.

Whatever it is we are going to see yet another interesting drama in Malaysia politic, something that we see quite often recently. Starting from the general election to the Permatang Pauh and the recent KT by election. In the next few days it is going to be really interesting.

Only Hours before September 16

Finally September 16 is just a few hours away. It is the day which have been the talk of many people who hope that something will happen on this day. A new hope and a new life that people have been hoping for. At the moment many still not quite sure if all these is going to happen and for sure September 16 will come when the clock strike after 12 midnight today.

When we wake up tomorrow, we will ask ourselves if all these going to come true. But if September 16 is just another day, like any other day and when it ended tomorrow we are still waiting. Although we learned there are a lot of development and progress being made, we just need to wait and see.

916 will it happen?

Many waited for this day to happen and some deny it will happen and try everything trying not to make it happen. But will something happen when 916 come? There only 10 days left and so far there is not a single indication that the mass movement of representatives are shifting side. We have heard so much in the blogs and internets but still there is not a single clear sign that this could happen.


September 16 for Anwar, will it ever come?

We have come to the month of September and people are anxiously waiting for the outcome after September 16. Will there be a change of government and can Anwar secure the 30 Mps from Sabah and Sarawak to join the Pakatan Rakyat in order to form a new government. All these will be answered in a few days time, probably before September 16. 

As as now, there are many developments going on with MPs from Borneo States despite their repeating pledge that they still support the present BN leadership, everybody know that anything can happen at the 11th hour in politic. Although many will say that the budget which was tabled by the BN last Friday was a caring budget, but it received many negative feedbacks from the leaders in Sarawak in particular. There are simply not enough allocations for the state infrastructures especially road that link some of the major towns in the state, where some towns are actually still connected by using the river. 

If September 16 going to happen what are the numbers can we expect to cross over to the PR side. Will 31 be enough or will we see more bigger number or will there be more from other BN components who already got fed up or lost confidence with the present leadership of BN.

We just could hope that nothing untoward incident will happen such as in Bangkok, We just celebrated our 51st Merdeka Day celebration and was real blessed to live in a country of true peace and harmony. I believe that the whole people of Malaysia will like to see the country to continue progressing in peace. We love our country and when the Negaraku was sang on the Merdeka morning many were seen shed tears as we know that the country is in such as mess and it need us to make it better. 

Many of us know that and we have done that as early as the March 08 political tsunami and again in the PP by election where people show it without a shadow of doubt that we want a change and we want it now. Now we just wait and see……….

Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim is back to Parliament

After an absence for 10 years, Anwar Ibrahim is making a comeback to the parliament on the 28th August 2008. How things have changed since the last time Anwar was in parliament. Obviously there are a lot of changes. Anwar is now sitting at the opposition seat and as the opposition leader too. That may well be changing in the course of time when there could be some changing in the sitting position where he could be well on the opposite side if things goes well with his plan. 

From now there will be a lot of changes in the parliament and with the addition of Anwar Ibrahim things will be getting more interesting and especially after the huge support from the recent Permatang Pauh election, a lot is expected from the people to the man whom people believe will bring changes to the country. Is he the alternative for the present leader or is he the one who can really lead the country. We all know the calibre of Anwar Ibrahim since his days of the deputy prime minister. Who could deny that he was the perfect man to replace Dr. Mahathir after the later retirement. 

Now that he is back, many expect him to take it from where he left it. Like what was said during the Permatang Pauh campaign , its now or never.

The day after Permatang Pauh Election

A day after the result of the Permatang Pauh election, everyone coming back to their work and life goes on as usual. The result was much to everyone expectation and their choice Anwar Ibrahim has won with a very convincing majority. The voters turnout was more than reported earlier where 80% of the voters have done their duty in this by election. As early as 7.00 PM last night, the unofficial result was already known and in fact many would agreed that the outcome was very clear during the last laps of the campaigns.

The attention now is what will happen next. Will the changes the people are hoping for will ever come true. This is the question that is going to play in the people’s mind, their everyday topic during their tea break and this would be the flavor of most conversation for the next few days or weeks. These questions will be answered in the next few days when Anwar makes his comeback to the parliament which will mark a new chapter in Malaysian politic.

For Permatang Pauh life will goes on like before, they have performed their duty, a duty that the whole is watching and they have done it as expected. Permatang Pauh will remain in memories of hundred of thousands of people for the last few days, many have not heard the place or where it is. Many met new friends, new experiences and hoping for a new life. We do hope this chapter will not just end like the election campaign, it will not go when the posters are cleared from the street. It will remain not only in Permatang Pauh but to everyone who are hoping for the better in life. 

The Polling Day of Permatang Pauh Election

Finally today is the day where the people of Permatang Pauh will go out to vote and choose the leader of the country. This time it is not just another election, it is the election, an election to bring some great changes to the political scenes in Malaysia. The seat in Permatang Pauh was purposely vacant to make way for Anwar Ibrahim to enter the parliament.

The morning of August 26 have come. It is another fine morning with some scattered clouds but it will not cause any harm to the voters. Many will remember this morning and this day for the rest of Malaysian history, the day people making changes, the day they are making some important decision not only for them but for their future generations and for the country to move forward. Today is the day.

The folks of Permatang Pauh must know that they have a very important task to do and the decision lies in their hand. For the rest of the nation, we will just have to wait and see for the result to come. Everyone has who in their that could win, but the whole episodes of the 2 weeks campaigns will actually tell us what kind of result we will see.

The last lap of campaign held last night showed the support was so tremendous in favor of Anwar Ibrahim. Some estimated that the crowd could numbered to few tens of thousands and again the word in the street itself will tell us that Anwar should come out in victory. One could almost see that everyone in town are with Anwar. BN seem to be running out of gas in the last final lap. This time it is very clear whom the people decide, it is Anwar Ibrahim.

Today also is a holiday for the rest of Penang. For those non voters let us wait and see and with the extra day off, we can do something that we long to do, while the Permatang Pauh folks are casting their votes. Like was said night ‘It’s now or never’.

Final Lap of Permatang Pauh Election

We came to the final day before the poling day on the 26th August 2008. Today itself many employees and workers received some good news that tomorrow will be a public holiday but some are just too excited to be happy when they heard the good news. Most of their attentions are on Permatang Pauh itself although they may not be the voters from that area. Nevertheless many want to know the latest situation and who is leading at the moment. Words from the street saying that Anwar Ibrahim ia having an edge over the other candidates and even bookmakers are putting very high odds on him, something like a football match between Manchester United and a second division team and some more MU is having home ground advantage.

We hardly see any impact made by the BN candidate except some news from the TV and some major newspapers but there is not much of him heard especially from the street. Some said that he may lose his deposit this time around, but we know that there are some strong BN grassroots still exists in Permatang Pauh.

Who are the voters in Permatang Pauh and what are they made of? They are made of Anwar Ibrahim loyal supporters from all group of races. The Chinese, Indian and the urban Malays are all behind Anwar Ibrahim as the people now want someone like Anwar Ibrahim to be in parliament and to be the next prime minister. There maybe some rural folks who are still too loyal to UMNO and BN but many believe that the tradition has slowly changed. People change and so is the country.

Permatang Pauh with the people of Penang will decide tomorrow who will come out victory and we just only hope that no untoward incident will happen tomorrow regardless of what is the results. Politics is just like any other competition, there will be losers and there will be winners. At the end of the day the ultimate winner is the people themselves, the voters and not the party or any individual. Whoever won will need to prove to the people why he deserve to win and that is just another bigger battle that he must challenge, even bigger than this election itself.


August 26 is a Public Holiday for Penang

The state government announced that August 26 to declared as a public holiday for Penang. This is to let people have enough time for them to cast their votes for the Permatang Pauh by election. Many see the election as the mother of all elections, August 26 is a very important day and every votes on that day is so important to determine the future of the country.

The people of Permatang Pauh know very well their responsibility and they also know that it is their decision that could decide if Malaysia is going to see some major changes in the government, because this election is for them to elect the next prime minister. The whole country and many foreign countries are eagerly following up with this election and expecting the result to favor Annuar Ibrahim from PKR, the man who is said to be the next prime minister and to change the whole system of the current government.

With just 1 day left for both parties to campaign and both sides claiming to have gathered a lot of support, the result from the political tsunami of March 8 could well tell the outcome of this election. Many people want some changes and they believe that the man who can make it happen is Annuar Ibrahim

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