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The Polling Day of Permatang Pauh Election

Finally today is the day where the people of Permatang Pauh will go out to vote and choose the leader of the country. This time it is not just another election, it is the election, an election to bring some great changes to the political scenes in Malaysia. The seat in Permatang Pauh was purposely vacant to make way for Anwar Ibrahim to enter the parliament.

The morning of August 26 have come. It is another fine morning with some scattered clouds but it will not cause any harm to the voters. Many will remember this morning and this day for the rest of Malaysian history, the day people making changes, the day they are making some important decision not only for them but for their future generations and for the country to move forward. Today is the day.

The folks of Permatang Pauh must know that they have a very important task to do and the decision lies in their hand. For the rest of the nation, we will just have to wait and see for the result to come. Everyone has who in their that could win, but the whole episodes of the 2 weeks campaigns will actually tell us what kind of result we will see.

The last lap of campaign held last night showed the support was so tremendous in favor of Anwar Ibrahim. Some estimated that the crowd could numbered to few tens of thousands and again the word in the street itself will tell us that Anwar should come out in victory. One could almost see that everyone in town are with Anwar. BN seem to be running out of gas in the last final lap. This time it is very clear whom the people decide, it is Anwar Ibrahim.

Today also is a holiday for the rest of Penang. For those non voters let us wait and see and with the extra day off, we can do something that we long to do, while the Permatang Pauh folks are casting their votes. Like was said night ‘It’s now or never’.


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