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Evening at Permatang Damar Laut

Another beautiful evening at Permatang Damar Laut. Beautiful skies after the afternoon shower.


Sunset at PDL


Heat Wave of the El Nino phenomenon

Once again we are hit by the heat wave of the El Nino phenomenon and this could last until August. The heat is so intense as we can feel the sun as early as 7 in the morning and by mid day it is almost unbearable to stand under the sun. The El Nino is  the abnormal warm and dry weather in South East Asia and North Australia.

It seems that this phenomenon has becoming a yearly thing in the recent years and mostly due to the global warming. The temperature could rise by more than 3 degress celcius and it could be increasing in the future if steps are not taken to stop the global warming from becoming any worse.

Pollution, poor air quality and visibility maybe the immediate effect we may face right now and in some countries there are cases where people died because of the heat.

Lets start taking care of our earth and stop global warming.

Obama Administration Will Develop Renewable Energy on Public Land

During a recent speech, Obama spoke of the key role renewable energy will play in his economic recovery plan. He emphasized the need to “transform our economy…and save our planet from the ravages of climate change” by developing renewable energy. In March, the U.S. Interior Department secretary Ken Salazar, recently issued an order to create a special task force to encourage the development of renewable energy projects on federal lands.

The Departmental Task Force on Energy and Climate Change will identify solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass energy projects can be developed. The Interior Department will coordinate its efforts with the Energy Department and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The Interior Department manages one-fifth of all U.S. land and over 1.7 billion offshore acres. The Department has identified 21 million acres of public land with the potential for wind energy projects in 11 Western states, 29 million acres for solar energy projects in six southwestern states, and 140 million acres of public land in western states and Alaska that have potential for geothermal projects. The National Renewable Energy Lab identified 1,000 gigawatts of wind energy potential off the Atlantic coast and over 900 megawatts off the Pacific coast.

“We will assign a high priority to identifying renewable energy zones and completing the permitting and appropriate environmental review of transmission rights-of-way applications that are necessary to deliver renewable energy generation to consumers,” Salazar said. “We ought not to let the jurisdictional bureaucracy get in the way of the ultimate agenda. We need to get it done.”

“Secretary Salazar has laid the foundation for our nation’s entrepreneurs to harness the planet’s wind, sun, heat, and other renewable energy sources in a manner that safeguards the wildlife and natural resources that help keep American communities healthy, safe, and prosperous,” said Wilderness Society President Bill Meadows.

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The Hazy Days are back again

After weeks of dry weather, we are back to the hazy days again. Although there is no evidence of any open burning by estate owners still the haze are back to the environment. It just shows that there are many factors that can contribute to the air pollution and the haze are no longer the work of open burning by the estate owners or farmers who still practice traditional way to clear their lands.

The current haze is probably due to the emission of smoke from car or factories. In just a week or two it has polluted the whole island and now everyone is choking with the polluted air. That is just a week when we did not have any rain to clear the sky.

Dry days are expected to last another month or two, perhaps people can take think of how to reduce the pollution that we have. 

It was extremely hot today

Today was a holiday and it was a beautiful morning and I had a round of golf with my friends. It was nice to be able to get to the field and enjoy the sunshine in the cool morning. But when the sun started to get to the top of our head, the heat was so intense and unbearable but we still managed to finished the game on time.
In Australia there are more that 100 people died because of the bush fire and the temperature shot to more that 40 degrees celsius in some area.
Yes we are getting to some serious problem with the global environmental issues. These type of scenes are just getting to familiar nowadays and things could well getting more worse in the near future.
It’s time for us to do something.

Cold Wave Hit Earth

It may sound a bit funny but the last few days, I woke up to a very cold morning, something that I never experience before here in tropical Malaysia, but it seem the temperature is around 20 C in early morning. It is nice to experience cooler days sometimes in the tropic but at the same time it brings a lot of health problem like cold and cough. In other parts of Malaysia floods are over the place due to the monsoon season and it is the worse flood ever recorded.

In some Northern countries, temperature dropping until minus 40 C during this winter time making it practically impossible for human to survive. Now we are suffering from severe cold and in 6 months time in countries like India the temperature can go up until 40 C and many will suffer intense heat.

By now we should know that the earth is not in a “stable” condition due to the already known problem of global warming. In a year or two the condition will get even worse. There will be more disasters like floods and other disaster, temperature could come down to minus 100 in winter or boiling point in summer.

Something need to be done right now.

It’s time to look into the environment matter

It’s almost 10 years into the 21st century, we should be taking the environmental issue seriously. Few weeks ago, we were shocked to find some landslide incident here in Malaysia claiming some lives. We have been warned before and once again it is giving us the same warning again. Few years ago, on boxing day, the Indian Ocean and islands around Sumatra were attacked but what we called tsunami, where hundred of thousands were dead and missing making it the biggest natural disaster ever recorded in recent history.

Why such natural disasters happening so frequently recently could be anyone guess. If we turn to the news on TV or the paper, we cannot fail to find news related to earthquakes or natural fire, drought, floods and many more. It seem that the planet system has been disturbed by us, humans.

Global warming is a very popular word nowadays and many countries are calling a stop for the emission of greenhouse gas, but we could hardly see anyone really taking the initiative to totally stop emitting it. Business nowadays could hardly go on without disrupting the environment. This is not only happening in developed countries but the situation is far worse in developing countries where pollution level still remain unchecked for fear it will disturb the growth of business.

Now is the time for everybody to realize that we hardly have any more time left. 10 years have passed us in the 21st century. Each of us have a part to play. Big brother like the US will need to be in a bigger role, now that we have Obama in charge in January. Save our world


New Clean Diesel Engine for the Environment

AFP Reports Says:

TOKYO (AFP) — Japan’s Mazda Motor Corp. said Tuesday it had developed a clean diesel engine to launch next year in Europe as demand grows for fuel-efficient technology.

Japan’s fifth largest automaker plans to introduce the MZR-CD 2.2 engine worldwide but first in Europe, where diesel accounts for nearly 60 percent of vehicle sales.

The technology allows the engine to burn off soot from exhaust fumes some 60 percent faster than traditional diesel engines, the Hiroshima-based company said in a statement.

Mazda becomes the second Japanese automaker to announce its own clean diesel engine after Nissan Motor Co. last week unveiled the country’s first clean-running diesel SUV.

Market leaders Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. are also developing their own clean diesel technology, hoping to turn Japanese consumers to diesel which they long perceived as dirty, noisy and sooty.

Japan is planning to introduce incentives for consumers buying clean diesel cars starting next year as part of efforts to fight global warming.

It is indeed a good move by one of the giant car maker as an effort for a better and green environment.

World Oil Price settled at USD105 level

A few months back the oil price hit an all time high of USD145 per barrel which have gave a very significant impact to all of us. We tried various ways to reduce cost and to cut our dependent on fuel as much as possible. Many chose to car pool to work or taking public transport as we need to get ready if the oil price will ever hit the USD200 level. This is very much possible and as the main source of energy is depleting by the day, it is just a matter of time when our oil field will be empty.

So what have we learned from this few months? Now that the oil price has dropped, are we going back to our old habits of not being prudent enough. Soon we notice that the roads will be back with traffics and people started to spend unnecessarily buying things they don’t really need. Are we convinced enough that the oil price is going to drop more from now on and the recent hike was just some speculators driven and not because of the shortage of the commodity. 

The price will surely be back upwards again in the near future. We need to minimize our dependent of oil so that whatever price the oil price now, we will have very minimal impact from it. And again we need to explore some other form of energy and start to focus on it from now on.

Raining in North Malaysia

Its raining outside and during this kind of weather, there is not much we can do except to stay at home, watching TV or browsing through the internet. Its time to check on blogs and update my blog although I don’t really have anything in particular what to update.

Is it the raining season here in Penang, Malaysia. This rain is expected to continue until tomorrow.

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