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Sad and funny things happen in our country

It is sad to know what happened in Perak today. Something that we hardly can happen to this peaceful country. But we saw something that are similar to what happened in Bangkok few months ago. We wish it will not become any worse that what happened today. Many people feel sad, really really sad of what is happening in Perak. Politics nowadays become so dirty and many will feel cheated of their lives. The drama in Perak proved that we are still not matured and a miles behind other developed countries. People are laughing at us by the way we are handling our country. We are destroying ourselves.

And the funny things are those people who are in the acts of all these dramas. They can simply change camp and ideology is just a single twist. Are they really worth to be the leader or to represent their people. What about their fights, their people fights, can they just twisting around. What are their plans for their people now and in the future. I bet they don’t have answers for these. They just fighting for themselves, their own interest and not what they claimed. 

At least now we already learned some lessons from this episode. Next time we will be wise enough to judge what is good for our future and our country. Lets not be the laughing stock in the world politic and move forward .


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