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The debut of Taylormade R9

At the Dubai Desert Classic Sergio Garcia was hitting more fairways, straighter and longer. This time we see Sergio is hitting with the new R9 driver from Taylormade. I reckon that this driver will be much a talk about driver in 2009 and once it hit the market there will be a lot of bags carrying the R9 driver as the latest weapon. You can review the R9 from the link below

I have the feeling that it is going to cost a bomb for all Taylormade fans out there. It is no where to the price I can afford. 


Just stunning.


Photo Shooting on Chinese New Year Day 1

There was no red sky today but a nice blue sky in the morning and a nice day for an outdoor outing and some photo shooting.

The streets were basically empty and I had the whole street just for me. The day was just awesome and hopefully we will be continually bless with such beautiful day.

A boat sailing by the cruiser

Where the boat was docked

A town so empty

Aon Kevlin – Rug Ter Mai Mee One Yood

Happy New Year again. This is a very lovely Thai song by Aon Kevlin. Such a nice song

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year for those who are observing the Lunar calender. May the year of the Ox will be more prosperous to everyone and more peace to the world. On the first day of the lunar new year, we are going to experience the eclipse of the sun. The sky will turn to red tomorrow evening.

Many will not want to miss this once in a lifetime event. Why it is happening on the first day. Will it bring good luck or more bad things will happen. Why is the sky turning into red. We will see if the sky really turning into red tomorrow.

Meanwhile I will take some photos on the sky turning into red if it really happen and post them here. Once again Happy Lunar New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Life is too short for the wrong job

I think many people would agree with me on this. Something for us to think about if we are really happy at our current position now.

Cold Wave Hit Earth

It may sound a bit funny but the last few days, I woke up to a very cold morning, something that I never experience before here in tropical Malaysia, but it seem the temperature is around 20 C in early morning. It is nice to experience cooler days sometimes in the tropic but at the same time it brings a lot of health problem like cold and cough. In other parts of Malaysia floods are over the place due to the monsoon season and it is the worse flood ever recorded.

In some Northern countries, temperature dropping until minus 40 C during this winter time making it practically impossible for human to survive. Now we are suffering from severe cold and in 6 months time in countries like India the temperature can go up until 40 C and many will suffer intense heat.

By now we should know that the earth is not in a “stable” condition due to the already known problem of global warming. In a year or two the condition will get even worse. There will be more disasters like floods and other disaster, temperature could come down to minus 100 in winter or boiling point in summer.

Something need to be done right now.

The new Cobra LV5 Golf Driver

This got to be one of the hottest driver in 2009. Anyway I have no plan to upgrade my present club due to the economic crisis. They always make better clubs year after year, it won’t hurt you if we wait a while.

Here are some of the features of this new club

This new L5V Driver from Cobra is their longest, straightest driver, with 2 adjustable settings to optimize your personal ball flight. The GolfbloggerUK’s touring pro son is using this driver and it comes off the face very hot, but it is best to ‘try before you buy’ with your local Cobra Golf retailer.

Adjustable Flight Technology

This Cobra L5V Driver comes with a L5V torque wrench so that you can quickly and easily change the characteristics of your ball flight. The hosel has 2 settings: ‘0’ for standard flight, and ‘1’ for increased draw-biased flight. This system also allows you to change the shaft on the driver to further customise your club.

Speed Settings:
The 9.5° and 10.5° lofts correspond to the old ‘F’ speed (Fast Swing Speed) settings, and the 11.5° option is configured to ‘M’ speed (Moderate Swing Speed).

Cobra L5V Driver Features

* Increased MOI
* Diamana 50 Shaft
* L5V Torque Wrench and Adjustable Flight Technology




Cobra L5V Driver Design

The carbon composite crown and sole inserts on this Cobra L5V Driver are very lightweight, and designed to move the centre of gravity lower and further back to provide high launch and increased MOI, as well as optimal spin.

Happy New Year 2009

Maybe it is still not to late to say Happy New Year. I have been offline lately as I was on a holiday and again just before New Year had a very bad cold and was down in bed for days. Everything should be back to normal again tomorrow.

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