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Taking advantage to invest in bumpy ride

It is time to ride back to the equity market and investors should not shy to invest their money in the better return in the equity and bond market.

The last few market crashes has taught us some valuable lesson on how manage our investment and it also has taught us that crisis could mean another window of opportunity for us to invest in cheapy and reap the return when the market recovers.

Have a safe investment journey and keep on moving forward.


Heat Wave of the El Nino phenomenon

Once again we are hit by the heat wave of the El Nino phenomenon and this could last until August. The heat is so intense as we can feel the sun as early as 7 in the morning and by mid day it is almost unbearable to stand under the sun. The El Nino is  the abnormal warm and dry weather in South East Asia and North Australia.

It seems that this phenomenon has becoming a yearly thing in the recent years and mostly due to the global warming. The temperature could rise by more than 3 degress celcius and it could be increasing in the future if steps are not taken to stop the global warming from becoming any worse.

Pollution, poor air quality and visibility maybe the immediate effect we may face right now and in some countries there are cases where people died because of the heat.

Lets start taking care of our earth and stop global warming.

Brawn GP Team is top of the world

Jenson Button again won the Formula One race in Turkey for the 6th time this season and positioned himself at very comfortable position of 61 points from the maximum 65 to make him the clear favouite to win the world championship in 2009. Barely 6 months ago Jenson and Ruben were not sure if they were able to race this season after the Honda Team decided to pull out from Formula One due to the credit crunch. Who could have thought a team that was assembled from in just weeks could possibly win almost all the races so far this year.

That is non other than the magic of the man who dare to take the challenge and who sees that success will come no matter in what position you are. The man is non other than Ross Brawn the team boss of the Brawn GP team. There is no question that this year Jenson will win the world championship and the Brawn GP team will become the new big boys in the formula one sports as we see McLaren are slowly drifting behind in the occupying most of the back lanes in most races. Congratulations to Jenson Button

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