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Heat Wave of the El Nino phenomenon

Once again we are hit by the heat wave of the El Nino phenomenon and this could last until August. The heat is so intense as we can feel the sun as early as 7 in the morning and by mid day it is almost unbearable to stand under the sun. The El Nino is  the abnormal warm and dry weather in South East Asia and North Australia.

It seems that this phenomenon has becoming a yearly thing in the recent years and mostly due to the global warming. The temperature could rise by more than 3 degress celcius and it could be increasing in the future if steps are not taken to stop the global warming from becoming any worse.

Pollution, poor air quality and visibility maybe the immediate effect we may face right now and in some countries there are cases where people died because of the heat.

Lets start taking care of our earth and stop global warming.


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