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What is it about of being rich

What is about of being rich and how do we define rich people. Is it by the how much money they make or they have or the way they live their life. Some people may have millions in the bank but will have a very simple life and we wonder are they living their rich.

To me being rich is simple. it is just about having something in excess. You don’t have to have millions in the bank or people may call you a millionaire. For example if you have $10 a day and need only $5 to survive the day, you are consider rich. You will not be burden with the feeling of not enough everyday in your life struggling to make it through the day. It is just about making full use of what you have. Soon you will find out that your life will be very much rich and life will be very much meaningful.

Even some people who are millionaires rich sometimes are trap in millions of loans and debts and we cannot say they are rich because of their nett value maybe in the negative zone, but people still say they are rich because of the amount of loans and businesses they venturing into.

So time it is time to think of frugality and to become more prudent and spend on things that are really necessary. After all almost half of the things we spend and do everyday are not the necessity for us. If we learn how to get back to basic in life we may just found how to live rich.


Being Perfect

In this world there is no one single human being that is perfect or anything that is made by human that we can call perfect. But we always want to achieve perfect and there is nothing wrong with it even though we know that we can never achieve perfect. 

What is perfect. It is something without defect even by a slight of a percent. Even the greatest invention will someday find itself being modified or upgraded. That is the beauty of human mind that we are always thinking on improving something. It has been going on for thousands of years that human have progressed to the level where we are today. And we can just guess what the world would be years from now.

I have waited for the perfect time to shoot this photo, the sky, the position of the sun and the cloud. There is always something that I need to improve the next time I carry my camera.

But I guess its is alright to study those imperfect and making them better. Some photos it takes me a dozen trip and few weeks to get a good one. Just one is enough, a good one.


Drop in crude oil price

The crude oil dropped a USD69 a barrel today, a level that is about half to historical high of USD148 a few months ago. The world was in a great panic with the scary high oil price and once again we are in panic as the oil start it’s free fall to a level we would never have predicted. Now the next question is how low can it coming down.

Many people would welcome a cheaper oil price as it would mean people can travel go back to the normal life. Things will eventually become cheaper as less cost will be needed to produce or transport them.

But on the other hand, if oil price keep on coming down, it only translate to the sluggish economy we are already in. Cheaper oil mean no demand and no demand mean no work and this will put a break to the economy. many industries are currently suffering from business losses amounting to millions of dollars due to declining oil price. Many are still holding high oil inventory or contract but will caught not able to sell their product as the it would mean selling at a loss. Buy high sell low.

The oil could go down as far as USD50 per barrel and when that happen, we just have no idea what is going to happen to our industries.

Collapse of the World Economy

Not too long ago, people were talking about the new world and globalization. Much has been said of globalization and capitalism. Today we face a new challenge where globalization itself has taken toll and the whole is on a risk of having a long long economic crisis. Many countries has taken some drastic steps to bail out their economy of which many see that capitalism is a total failure. Where do we go wrong. Even bailing out is a clearly socialism using the state money for economic revival.

Are the policies that were made some 10 years ago are not good enough to prevent any kind of economic disaster. Policy makers must understand that any kind of economic disaster can be as fierce as any natural disaster. People can lose their jobs and eventually their homes. There are hundreds of thousands of people have gone jobless in China alone as most factories are losing demand which is the United States. 

Most of the people I know also praying hard everyday, so that when they go to work tomorrow, they still have work to do and money to pay their bills. But everyday thinking that you can lose your job anytime is not fun for anyone.

Change lifestyle for better health

It is the time of the year again when I need to undergo my yearly medical check up. Thanks to God all my previous medical check ups were okay except for the common comments like overweight and unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.

And each time we got those reports we keep telling ourselves that we are going to change our lifestyles, but sad to say that many of us failed. May of us still giving the same excuses for not having enough free time to do exercises and there is always tomorrow for us to start.

Who can blame us for not taking those delicious foods available outside there. The crunchy fried chickens and the ever tasty fast food which we already know that these food are not good for us but still we wait for the day that we are going to start taking healthy food.

But lucky for me is that I start to dislike fast food and in fact I starting to hate those food. I will totally stop taking coffee and tea as it keep upsetting my stomach. I will stop taking deep fried food and it also upsetting my stomach and I hate the smell recently.

I haven’t really try on taking heavy fruits and I will start tomorrow onwards and see what effect it has on my body. 

I have not exercise lately due to the injury to my arm as I cannot swing my golf clubs and I will do some indoor exercise or some work out at home to stretch out my muscles and regain back golf swing. This time I will do it till the end.

The changing weather

It is almost impossible to predict the weather these days and one can never rely on the weather forecast anymore. It can be sunny and extremely warm during the day but during night time it just pouring non stop and the night can be so chilly. This extreme and sudden climate change has so much impact to us and our health. 

I have not fully recovered from my previous cold and now have to take extra precaution especially in the morning. It can be very warm in the afternoon sending the temperature to rise to some 35 degrees C. With the ever challenging economic turmoil, this certainly not going to make it any easier for any of us.

Dropping Oil Price

There are something that we can finally cheer finally as the global oil price dropped to a level of USD80 a barrel. This mean that the petrol stand price will drop as well and ease some burden to people who depend heavily on fuel. Hopefully the fuel will continue to drop further but not to cause any panic in the economic world as cheap fuel will also mean slow demand which also translate to slow economic. 

Hopefully we all will continue to keep to our prudent way of life as we have practice during the hard times we faced some few months ago. We all know very well that we are now in a big recession and nobody can tell for how long it can last or if it can get any more worse. 

What we saw during the last few days was the worst in recent years for as far as I can remember. The stock market recorded some big losses that never happened in recent history. As an immediate measures government started to cut rates and pump in cash to the market. But it is still far from over and may take months to recover back.

At the meantime, we just keep pray and hold on there.

Formula One drivers lack quality

Today was the Japanese GP and Alonso proved that the win at the Singapore GP 2 weeks ago was no lucky thing. He went all the way to capture the chequered flag at the Japanese GP today. But what happened to the quality of new drivers today? We saw Hamilton demoted from hero to zero at the first corner and once again penalized for causing a near collision with Massa. It is a waste to see such a talented driver like Hamilton not able to follow the likes of ever legend driver Michael Schumacher who to many people is the best driver on and off the track.

There is less of patient in Hamilton despite he mentioned earlier in the week that he will be more careful in order to secure points and the world champion. There is no doubt that Hamilton can be well become the world champion in 2 weeks time. We do hope that he will become a more mature driver and make formula one a prestige motor sports event that everyone looking up to.

Long Weekend Off

It’s been a few days since I update this blog. I have been busy and was down with cold and just could not find time to write on any topic. Until today I managed to get onto my feet and get something done. To make things not getting any better is now it is a holiday season here. We have 2 festive season holidays and some people are given an extra day on Friday to make it a nice 5 days rest. Well it is certainly a good rest for me.

Well is there so much to holidaying about. On Monday, there was a crush at Wall Street when the bail out package was rejected by the law makers and the effect spread out to Asia the very next day. We thought that the worse may have come and left us but for now many fear that the situation is far from over. In Asia alone businesses are tough and many factories are closing down their operations. In China alone there are over 80,000 factories closed their operation since January due to slow demand. 

Many countries depend on the United States for their export and once there is a slow down in US every where else is effected. Even the oil price could drop as much as USD10 a day when some bad news on US economy is on the news. 

It’s going time for things to come back to normal. Things come in cycle and this is much much very anticipated earlier. Christmas is less than 3 months from now and by then we hope to see some light of hope in front of us.

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