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It’s time to look into the environment matter

It’s almost 10 years into the 21st century, we should be taking the environmental issue seriously. Few weeks ago, we were shocked to find some landslide incident here in Malaysia claiming some lives. We have been warned before and once again it is giving us the same warning again. Few years ago, on boxing day, the Indian Ocean and islands around Sumatra were attacked but what we called tsunami, where hundred of thousands were dead and missing making it the biggest natural disaster ever recorded in recent history.

Why such natural disasters happening so frequently recently could be anyone guess. If we turn to the news on TV or the paper, we cannot fail to find news related to earthquakes or natural fire, drought, floods and many more. It seem that the planet system has been disturbed by us, humans.

Global warming is a very popular word nowadays and many countries are calling a stop for the emission of greenhouse gas, but we could hardly see anyone really taking the initiative to totally stop emitting it. Business nowadays could hardly go on without disrupting the environment. This is not only happening in developed countries but the situation is far worse in developing countries where pollution level still remain unchecked for fear it will disturb the growth of business.

Now is the time for everybody to realize that we hardly have any more time left. 10 years have passed us in the 21st century. Each of us have a part to play. Big brother like the US will need to be in a bigger role, now that we have Obama in charge in January. Save our world



Finally the oil price came down to the level we can afford

Today the government announced that the petrol price at the pump will be down by another 10 sen tomorrow to RM1.80 per liter to a level where we find it quite reasonable. It is sure a good saving and for me whose consumption is about 35 liters a week, I just need to spend about RM65 compared to RM100 some 3 months ago. That is a saving of RM150 a month. That is a lot of saving which we can use to buy something more useful.

I expect the price will sustain for some few months from now and I also not expecting it to go up either. The global oil price is hovering around USD45-USD48 per barrel and it should maintain its stability at this level. Nevertheless consumers always welcome any move to decrease the energy price.

The next move is the collectively decrease the food prices which was highly increased when the global oil price hit historical high few months ago with the excuse that transport and other cost also went up to fuel price up. We need not to merely concentrate on food centers or shops to check on prices. To make it more effective we need to ask the manufacturer to lower down their price. Manufacturer need to lower theirs first before the shop can lower.

Too bad my car fuel tank is just half full as I just pumped a full tank last Friday. With the saving I have I can use some for Christmas.

Have you been good this year

We are on the last week before Christmas and only left just 1 more weekend for the shopping. Many will wonder what will they get this year. Everybody have been very good and expecting something good from Santa.

Lets see what are the most popular gift this year. Maybe it will still be the Ipod or a digital camera or a new laptop. It would be nice if I get an Ipod this year. I haven’t own one yet.

I went to the shopping mall today and browse around for some gifts. There were so many sales and big discounts are offered at almost every shops. But during this hard times, even with huge discounts, people only buy things what they need. There will be no more expensive gifts this year like the previous years. After its the thought that count and not the value of the gift.

Despite the hard times, Christmas will always be celebrated with joy and everyone from all ways of life are looking forward for this special day. I will be on a long holiday for Christmas and the New Year. It’s going to be a long one. With such a bad business at the office, it’s quite easy to get off now. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Holiday Season and the New Year

It’s the time of the year again when we are approaching the end of the calender. Year end is the most busiest time f the year. We are busy preparing for our holidays, air tickets, cleaning our house, cleaning our office, sending cards and to clear off what we have not  done during the year.

But I like the New Year. It is like we are given another chance to start again. Every new year, there is a start of every season. Golf professionals will start from zero again and everyone will have the chance to be the top players in the world although each year it goes to Mr. Woods. Its all the same for everything in life, in the office we will start our year for a better performance and business. Yes it is just like starting all over again. 

So what are our hope for the New Year. Plenty. We are in the middle of a recession and we know that we need to get up fast, all of us and the whole world need to act fast. We need to get our confidence back to where it was some few months ago. Our economy need to get back on track and people will need to get back to their job.

We must learn from the recent turmoil and why it happened. Why the oil price went up so fast that it was one of the factor for the economic meltdown. All these questions must be answered so that same mistakes must not be repeated again. We don’t want something similar to the landslide issues where mistakes were made repeated and claiming lives when bad things happen. 

But like any New Year I always putting great hope for a new beginning….

Hey, Christmas is coming

Everyone loves Christmas even in places where it is not really celebrated but we can see people are so crazy about the Christmas season exchanging gifts and cards. We can almost hear Christmas songs played all around the shopping malls and one of the most common one is the white christmas. In this hot humid tropical country we can never had a white Christmas but everyone is seem to enjoy the song and the Christmas spirit itself.

To everyone, Merry Christmas…………

Future of Blogging in 2009

We are now at the tail end of 2008 and many of us will start to think what to expect in 2009. With recent economic crisis we start to wonder if blogging is going to be better than this year or is it going to get worse. Today is the day of the internet and many people has turned to the internet for businesses and career. There are many successful internet marketers and bloggers who are actually earning a very good living from the internet.

There are many bloggers coming up today who are making some good money. Making money from blogs are mostly from advertisement and there are reports that show some bloggers are earning enough for them to live through the month. It may sound very simple and takes a lot of hard work and patient. But if we have the passion for blogging and enjoy what we are doing we are going to be successful one day. 

I may start a new niche blog soon to have a good start in 2009 as I think that next year the worse is about to end and a new beginning is going to start. So to all those bloggers out there, may the best be with you.

An Idle Mind is the Workshop of the devil

I heard this on Youtube today and I better get my mind working and don’t want it to be idle.

Petrol price down and the roads are congested again

Sometimes I prefer the petrol price to remain high so that people will not drive and keep their car off the roads. Since last Thursday I was caught in the traffic jams due to sudden increase of traffic on the road. Not surprisingly, the petrol price was slashed to RM2 per liter last week and it is more affordable. People forget how hard it was during the high price of petrol and many decided to share transport with friends or take public transport. It was a smart move at that time, not only we managed to save some on petrol expenses but we also managed to reduce the high volume of traffics and conserve the environment.

Out of 10 cars I saw on the road today, at least cars were occupied with the driver only and no passenger. This only mean that so much is being wasted, a car that can carry 4 passengers is being use to carry 1. We all need to learn from our recent past when the oil hit historical high but then when things are getting a bit better, we just tend to forget.

Oil price will again definitely going to go up again in the near future. Since we already know what is going to happen, we must prepare ourselves from now on. 

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