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It’s time to look into the environment matter

It’s almost 10 years into the 21st century, we should be taking the environmental issue seriously. Few weeks ago, we were shocked to find some landslide incident here in Malaysia claiming some lives. We have been warned before and once again it is giving us the same warning again. Few years ago, on boxing day, the Indian Ocean and islands around Sumatra were attacked but what we called tsunami, where hundred of thousands were dead and missing making it the biggest natural disaster ever recorded in recent history.

Why such natural disasters happening so frequently recently could be anyone guess. If we turn to the news on TV or the paper, we cannot fail to find news related to earthquakes or natural fire, drought, floods and many more. It seem that the planet system has been disturbed by us, humans.

Global warming is a very popular word nowadays and many countries are calling a stop for the emission of greenhouse gas, but we could hardly see anyone really taking the initiative to totally stop emitting it. Business nowadays could hardly go on without disrupting the environment. This is not only happening in developed countries but the situation is far worse in developing countries where pollution level still remain unchecked for fear it will disturb the growth of business.

Now is the time for everybody to realize that we hardly have any more time left. 10 years have passed us in the 21st century. Each of us have a part to play. Big brother like the US will need to be in a bigger role, now that we have Obama in charge in January. Save our world



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One thought on “It’s time to look into the environment matter

  1. I agree… people just don’t seem to get it.

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