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Holiday Season and the New Year

It’s the time of the year again when we are approaching the end of the calender. Year end is the most busiest time f the year. We are busy preparing for our holidays, air tickets, cleaning our house, cleaning our office, sending cards and to clear off what we have not  done during the year.

But I like the New Year. It is like we are given another chance to start again. Every new year, there is a start of every season. Golf professionals will start from zero again and everyone will have the chance to be the top players in the world although each year it goes to Mr. Woods. Its all the same for everything in life, in the office we will start our year for a better performance and business. Yes it is just like starting all over again. 

So what are our hope for the New Year. Plenty. We are in the middle of a recession and we know that we need to get up fast, all of us and the whole world need to act fast. We need to get our confidence back to where it was some few months ago. Our economy need to get back on track and people will need to get back to their job.

We must learn from the recent turmoil and why it happened. Why the oil price went up so fast that it was one of the factor for the economic meltdown. All these questions must be answered so that same mistakes must not be repeated again. We don’t want something similar to the landslide issues where mistakes were made repeated and claiming lives when bad things happen. 

But like any New Year I always putting great hope for a new beginning….


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