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Finally the oil price came down to the level we can afford

Today the government announced that the petrol price at the pump will be down by another 10 sen tomorrow to RM1.80 per liter to a level where we find it quite reasonable. It is sure a good saving and for me whose consumption is about 35 liters a week, I just need to spend about RM65 compared to RM100 some 3 months ago. That is a saving of RM150 a month. That is a lot of saving which we can use to buy something more useful.

I expect the price will sustain for some few months from now and I also not expecting it to go up either. The global oil price is hovering around USD45-USD48 per barrel and it should maintain its stability at this level. Nevertheless consumers always welcome any move to decrease the energy price.

The next move is the collectively decrease the food prices which was highly increased when the global oil price hit historical high few months ago with the excuse that transport and other cost also went up to fuel price up. We need not to merely concentrate on food centers or shops to check on prices. To make it more effective we need to ask the manufacturer to lower down their price. Manufacturer need to lower theirs first before the shop can lower.

Too bad my car fuel tank is just half full as I just pumped a full tank last Friday. With the saving I have I can use some for Christmas.


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