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Have you been good this year

We are on the last week before Christmas and only left just 1 more weekend for the shopping. Many will wonder what will they get this year. Everybody have been very good and expecting something good from Santa.

Lets see what are the most popular gift this year. Maybe it will still be the Ipod or a digital camera or a new laptop. It would be nice if I get an Ipod this year. I haven’t own one yet.

I went to the shopping mall today and browse around for some gifts. There were so many sales and big discounts are offered at almost every shops. But during this hard times, even with huge discounts, people only buy things what they need. There will be no more expensive gifts this year like the previous years. After its the thought that count and not the value of the gift.

Despite the hard times, Christmas will always be celebrated with joy and everyone from all ways of life are looking forward for this special day. I will be on a long holiday for Christmas and the New Year. It’s going to be a long one. With such a bad business at the office, it’s quite easy to get off now. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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