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Brawn GP Team is top of the world

Jenson Button again won the Formula One race in Turkey for the 6th time this season and positioned himself at very comfortable position of 61 points from the maximum 65 to make him the clear favouite to win the world championship in 2009. Barely 6 months ago Jenson and Ruben were not sure if they were able to race this season after the Honda Team decided to pull out from Formula One due to the credit crunch. Who could have thought a team that was assembled from in just weeks could possibly win almost all the races so far this year.

That is non other than the magic of the man who dare to take the challenge and who sees that success will come no matter in what position you are. The man is non other than Ross Brawn the team boss of the Brawn GP team. There is no question that this year Jenson will win the world championship and the Brawn GP team will become the new big boys in the formula one sports as we see McLaren are slowly drifting behind in the occupying most of the back lanes in most races. Congratulations to Jenson Button


The debut of Taylormade R9

At the Dubai Desert Classic Sergio Garcia was hitting more fairways, straighter and longer. This time we see Sergio is hitting with the new R9 driver from Taylormade. I reckon that this driver will be much a talk about driver in 2009 and once it hit the market there will be a lot of bags carrying the R9 driver as the latest weapon. You can review the R9 from the link below

I have the feeling that it is going to cost a bomb for all Taylormade fans out there. It is no where to the price I can afford. 


Just stunning.

The new Cobra LV5 Golf Driver

This got to be one of the hottest driver in 2009. Anyway I have no plan to upgrade my present club due to the economic crisis. They always make better clubs year after year, it won’t hurt you if we wait a while.

Here are some of the features of this new club

This new L5V Driver from Cobra is their longest, straightest driver, with 2 adjustable settings to optimize your personal ball flight. The GolfbloggerUK’s touring pro son is using this driver and it comes off the face very hot, but it is best to ‘try before you buy’ with your local Cobra Golf retailer.

Adjustable Flight Technology

This Cobra L5V Driver comes with a L5V torque wrench so that you can quickly and easily change the characteristics of your ball flight. The hosel has 2 settings: ‘0’ for standard flight, and ‘1’ for increased draw-biased flight. This system also allows you to change the shaft on the driver to further customise your club.

Speed Settings:
The 9.5° and 10.5° lofts correspond to the old ‘F’ speed (Fast Swing Speed) settings, and the 11.5° option is configured to ‘M’ speed (Moderate Swing Speed).

Cobra L5V Driver Features

* Increased MOI
* Diamana 50 Shaft
* L5V Torque Wrench and Adjustable Flight Technology




Cobra L5V Driver Design

The carbon composite crown and sole inserts on this Cobra L5V Driver are very lightweight, and designed to move the centre of gravity lower and further back to provide high launch and increased MOI, as well as optimal spin.

The day I knew golf

As many non golfers would have thought, golf is a stupid game where some stupid people torture themselves in the scorching heat of the sunlight trying to heat the ball into the ball. I was one of those people who thought that golf was a stupid game. In fact when I was in school I was a slave for football. In those days we were not fortunate enough to have the EPL matches to be live telecast every week. We only have live telecast maybe once or twice in a year during the FA Cup final. I would wait till the middle of the night for the game to start.

I had my first touch with golf in 1996 when the sports world was talking about Tiger Woods. It was one of the tournament that he won that year that I gave some interest just to watch the game. In my mind golf was still a game for the rich people and I could never afford to play the game. I still watching football as football game was shown live on every weekends and of course my interest for formula one has been there all the time.

It was in the year 2005 that I hold my first golf club at the driving range. I hit some bad shots and all my swings were wrong. A week later I bought myself a golf set and it was considered a good deal for a beginner. Soon I became a regular at the driving range and not too long after that I was a regular weekend golfer.

Recently after I injured my elbow I decided to take some rest from golf. It may take 6 months or more for my elbow to be completely cured. But during this time I can build up my lower body strength so that it will help me when I get back to the game in future. It would be nice if I can play better and to travel and play golf all around the world.


The new Mizuno MP52

As a golfer, the golf club is the most important things in life and it’s usually the only thing we hold in our hand whenever we are free. I used to browse for informations on golf clubs and the new technologies especially on drivers and any new iron sets that are being released. I am a hard core fan of Taylormade and almost everything inside my bags are from Taylormade. I even declared that I will live and die under taylormade.

But now another big Japanese manufacturer is giving me a headache when they release the latest MP52 recently and this time it came out with an all brand new dual muscle technology and made of the best of 1025E forged material.

Retail at around USD1,000 it is certainly too heavy for the pocket now. The semi blade look, it is an iron for the mid handicap players. I would want to have one, but my Taylormade forged is still my faithful partner in golf.

Just awesome ..

For specifications

Formula One drivers lack quality

Today was the Japanese GP and Alonso proved that the win at the Singapore GP 2 weeks ago was no lucky thing. He went all the way to capture the chequered flag at the Japanese GP today. But what happened to the quality of new drivers today? We saw Hamilton demoted from hero to zero at the first corner and once again penalized for causing a near collision with Massa. It is a waste to see such a talented driver like Hamilton not able to follow the likes of ever legend driver Michael Schumacher who to many people is the best driver on and off the track.

There is less of patient in Hamilton despite he mentioned earlier in the week that he will be more careful in order to secure points and the world champion. There is no doubt that Hamilton can be well become the world champion in 2 weeks time. We do hope that he will become a more mature driver and make formula one a prestige motor sports event that everyone looking up to.

Singapore Formula One GP

Fernando Alonso has won the inaugural Singapore GP is the drama packed race ahead of Williams Nico Rosberg and McLaren’s Hamilton. Felipe Massa started the race at pole position but some pit stop blunder by the Ferrari team caused Massa to race most of the time at the bottom end of the pack. 

It was a night of good team work by the Renault team. First Piquet lost control of his car a knocked the wall that caused safety cars to be deployed. The biggest gainer of the safety car is non other than Fernando Alonso who started from 15th place in a circuit where overtaking is close to impossible.

It was nice to see a Williams team both finishing in points and Nico made it to the podium finish despite had to undergo a 10 second stop go penalty for pitting when the pit lane was not yet opened. 

Nothing seem to be right for the Ferrari team, as Kimi too crashed his car onto the wall at the closing stages of the race.

It is real nice to see some other team beside the big names of Ferrari and McLaren winning races like Vettel 2 weeks ago. Now Formula One also has moved into another dimensions where night racing is introduced for the first time in Singapore. Many more circuits is going to join for the night racing as it is not only cooler for the drivers, but it will cater for the television viewers in European countries as well. 

I have been a follower of Formula One race for so many years now. Starting from the days of Nelson Piquet, Aryton Senna, Alain Prost and Nigel Mansel. Teams partnership also changed where McLaren was once team up with Honda forming the winning Mclaren Honda team with Senna as the world champion.

We do hope to see more good races and more young drivers coming up into this wonderful sports.


Vijay Singh won the Fedex Cup

Let me write something about golf as I spend most of my weekends watching some golf tournaments on TV and Vijay Singh made some headlines to win the Fedex Cup.

Without Tiger in the field, Vijay Singh captured the second Fedex Cup and the 10 million USD in prize money. In August alone Vijay won 3 tournaments and he was leading in the Fedex Cup standing before the final play off at the BMW Championship which Camilo Villegas won. As a golfer I am happy to see Vijay won as he is a truly 100% golfer. Nobody work as hard as Vijay Singh. With Tiger out due to injury it was easy for the rest of the field to capitalize on his absence. 


Cuban Tae Kwan Do kick gets life ban

Another not so good scene we saw during the Beijing Olympic is the kungfu style kick by a Cuban Tae Kwan Do athlete that landed on the Swedish referee face resulting in a life ban for the Cuban, Angel Matos and also his coach. The referee needed some stitches after that. Hopefully this incident will not happen again in future for the spirit of olympic.

The Closing of the Beijing Olympics

In a few hours time the Beijing Olympics will end and we will see yet another spectacular performance at the Bird’s Nest. China walking tall as the overall champions topping the medal tally and it has also organized the game well. In 4 years time we will be in London for the summer olympics and we will see emerging stars coming to the front to give some challenge to the great Michael Phelps and Usain Bolts. Will Jamaica still rule the sprint events or Michael Phelps to bring back another 8 golds in London.

Every Olympics has its own episodes and memories. At the end of the day, it is not just about winning or how many gold medals you bring back home or the world records that you broke. Everyone who participate is an olympians and to maintain the spirit on olympic and the torch of true olympic will remain forever.

One world one dream may live forever. A dream that we all should look to for a better world

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