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The day I knew golf

As many non golfers would have thought, golf is a stupid game where some stupid people torture themselves in the scorching heat of the sunlight trying to heat the ball into the ball. I was one of those people who thought that golf was a stupid game. In fact when I was in school I was a slave for football. In those days we were not fortunate enough to have the EPL matches to be live telecast every week. We only have live telecast maybe once or twice in a year during the FA Cup final. I would wait till the middle of the night for the game to start.

I had my first touch with golf in 1996 when the sports world was talking about Tiger Woods. It was one of the tournament that he won that year that I gave some interest just to watch the game. In my mind golf was still a game for the rich people and I could never afford to play the game. I still watching football as football game was shown live on every weekends and of course my interest for formula one has been there all the time.

It was in the year 2005 that I hold my first golf club at the driving range. I hit some bad shots and all my swings were wrong. A week later I bought myself a golf set and it was considered a good deal for a beginner. Soon I became a regular at the driving range and not too long after that I was a regular weekend golfer.

Recently after I injured my elbow I decided to take some rest from golf. It may take 6 months or more for my elbow to be completely cured. But during this time I can build up my lower body strength so that it will help me when I get back to the game in future. It would be nice if I can play better and to travel and play golf all around the world.



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