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Formula One drivers lack quality

Today was the Japanese GP and Alonso proved that the win at the Singapore GP 2 weeks ago was no lucky thing. He went all the way to capture the chequered flag at the Japanese GP today. But what happened to the quality of new drivers today? We saw Hamilton demoted from hero to zero at the first corner and once again penalized for causing a near collision with Massa. It is a waste to see such a talented driver like Hamilton not able to follow the likes of ever legend driver Michael Schumacher who to many people is the best driver on and off the track.

There is less of patient in Hamilton despite he mentioned earlier in the week that he will be more careful in order to secure points and the world champion. There is no doubt that Hamilton can be well become the world champion in 2 weeks time. We do hope that he will become a more mature driver and make formula one a prestige motor sports event that everyone looking up to.


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