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Singapore Formula One GP

Fernando Alonso has won the inaugural Singapore GP is the drama packed race ahead of Williams Nico Rosberg and McLaren’s Hamilton. Felipe Massa started the race at pole position but some pit stop blunder by the Ferrari team caused Massa to race most of the time at the bottom end of the pack. 

It was a night of good team work by the Renault team. First Piquet lost control of his car a knocked the wall that caused safety cars to be deployed. The biggest gainer of the safety car is non other than Fernando Alonso who started from 15th place in a circuit where overtaking is close to impossible.

It was nice to see a Williams team both finishing in points and Nico made it to the podium finish despite had to undergo a 10 second stop go penalty for pitting when the pit lane was not yet opened. 

Nothing seem to be right for the Ferrari team, as Kimi too crashed his car onto the wall at the closing stages of the race.

It is real nice to see some other team beside the big names of Ferrari and McLaren winning races like Vettel 2 weeks ago. Now Formula One also has moved into another dimensions where night racing is introduced for the first time in Singapore. Many more circuits is going to join for the night racing as it is not only cooler for the drivers, but it will cater for the television viewers in European countries as well. 

I have been a follower of Formula One race for so many years now. Starting from the days of Nelson Piquet, Aryton Senna, Alain Prost and Nigel Mansel. Teams partnership also changed where McLaren was once team up with Honda forming the winning Mclaren Honda team with Senna as the world champion.

We do hope to see more good races and more young drivers coming up into this wonderful sports.



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