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Total Solar Eclipse Images

Some of the most beautiful images during the solar eclipse.


Chicken a la Carte

This is a true story where people have barely enough to eat and everyday there are about 25,000 people die of hunger.Think for a while how we can make this world a better place to live.

2009 Formula One in Sepang Malaysia

We are only into the second race of the year and already there are many controversies and scandals involving around the team and the organizers of the Formula One. The Sepang GP was asked to start at 5:00 PM local time to allow TV viewers in Europe to be able to watch the race while having the breakfast on a Sunday morning. Already the decision was not very popular in Melbourne as some of the races complained of a low sun that could affect the vision.

Today in Sepang, it was not the case of the sun, but a thunderstorm that caused the Sepang circuit to turn into a river where the race had to be stopped and eventually suspended. Even if the race were to be restarted, there will not be enough sunlight to complete the race.

It was an exciting race indeed. Jenson Button from Brawn GP won for the second time after Australian GP last week. Now we can say that the Brawn Team really mean business and could be the main contender for the title in 2009.

Now where are the Ferraris and the McLarens. Both Ferraris are not in the points and Kimi decided to take early shower and enjoying some ice cream at the team garage. Nothing is right for the Ferrari right from the start.

The biggest gainer will be BMW’s Heidfeld and Toyota’s Timo Glock. It’s interesting to see Toyota to be among the top runners this year. We do hope more podium finish from the Toyotas.

Now where is that Lewis Hamilton. He had a very hard week. Started with a lie to the race officials in Australia and in Sepang Hamilton had a lucky break to finish in champioship points, but McLaren really need to keep focus if they want to be the big boys again. McLaren has more off the track incidents nowadays that has really affecting their performance. Not long ago they were involved in a spy incidence and now a top officials was sacked for deliberately asking Lewis Hamilto to lie to the officials.

In 2 weeks time, we will stop in China. I think the race will start a bit earlier,maybe 3:00 pm local time as they did in Australia. I want to see Jenson Button making it 3 in a row as I see the Brawn GP is the most fastest car now. But we will see the car reliability when the race start to head to Europe in a month or two.

By Elections in April

It is not an April Fools joke but yes we are going to have 3 by elections. In the midst of the country and world all suffering from recession and economic uncertainties, we are still undecided of our leader or least to say who should lead us out of this economic slowdown. Many people are starting to get real tired of all these never ending play of elections and power exchange by politicians as till now we have yet to see any kind of progress or any significant move made by any leader for the recovery of the economy.

Well in fact there are some short term benefit from these elections as many jobless workers will be able to cash in some pocket money if they work as the party workers or do a little bit of side business during these campaign days.

I reckon there will be at least 2 more by elections in 2009 and as things seem hardly to settle down, Malaysia may face a sudden snap election very much sooner than anyone could have anticipated.

One extra rest day

It was the usual Friday afternoon and I could sense many people are looking forward for the weekend. It will be a longer weekend as we will have Monday a holiday. Weekends are as usual, busy with lots of things. It has been weeks I have not taken any photos as I need to improve my camera shooting skills. There are photos and videos that need to be edited too. And not forgetting blogs to update and articles to write.

Time seem to be not enough sometimes and by the end of the weekend we realize that we only done only half of what we planned earlier and we will wait for another 5 days for another weekend.

But do not let any little setbacks we need to maintain our focus and remaining productive all the time. Never give up even when you really feel bad especially during this bad times. 

The important of good value if life

Many times good values are forgotten as we get older and we spend more time making money and spending so much of out precious time on work. Many people think that work and money is all that is important but at the other end we are losing most part of it. Our value in life, our health conditions and how many out there still has what we call friends, a true friend that we can rely on and help us when in need. These are the values that are missing nowadays from most of us. These are going to be a dreadful disease when we get old when we no longer be able to move, work and make money like the way we do it now.

Yet many failed to see this. Even at this moment many of the so called leaders are fighting for their position and power instead of doing something for the economy of the country so that people can secure a job and put food on the table. They call themselves the leader but a leader without value is useless.

It is so simple to create a good value. When we wake up in the morning, we wake to a positive mood and make the best of our day . If we have extra of anything like time or ideas we can share it with friends and colleagues, remember we lose nothing here but a lot to gain as we also helping others to progress.

We should not expect anything in return and offer our help sincerely to our friends, colleagues, buddies or our comrade in arms and together as team we will achieve success. 

Being Annoyed

Last night I was at a local clinic to get some medicine. The clinic was manned by a middle aged man and obviously he has been working there for quite sometimes judging from his age. No long after that a young man came in and walked straight to the registration counter. Suddenly there was some commotion between the 2 man. One man accusing the other that the service was very poor and the argument went on for a while. 

It was just too annoying to me as there many people waiting at the clinic lobby and these people are sick and the last thing they need is is some scene of people quarreling in front of them. Without thinking of the other patients the 2 men continue to argue and blaming each other. This just show that sometimes people are so arrogant and selfish and they think that they are right. But both of them are not right to argue in front of public trying to prove that they are right.

When will people ever learned to be polite and humble. The young man obviously never show a bit of respect to the elderly man or to other patients. The elderly man should also show some respect to other patient or his customer. Annoy really annoying.

Anyone watch the movie Benjamin Button recently

The movie about Benjamin Button is something that is unthinkable by many. How could an 80 years old born and become younger day by day and die when he is back to infant. Like what the movie, life is not measured by minutes but by the moment we spent in it. Benjamin Button has it all, he has the ability to go backward in life. It is a story about 2 lives going the opposite ways, Benjamin who ages backward and Daisy his lifelong love, a ballet dancer.

Benjamin live to a great experience of happiness, sadness, love, grief and death. he brought up in an old folks home after abandoned by his father right after birth on the night the world ended, he was taken care by Queenie. He worked at a tug boat and sailed around the world where he met a married woman. 

The movie tells about the things in life for most people. We all born, age and some day will die. It’s about those moments that pass our lives everyday and how we make use of the precious gift we have, our time in this world. We just cannot let it pass us by, but to live it to the fullest we can and fulfill our dreams.

Not everyone will be lucky enough to get struck by lightning 7 times and to be alive, but lightning do strike. Remember life isn’t measured by minutes by by the moment we in it.

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year for those who are observing the Lunar calender. May the year of the Ox will be more prosperous to everyone and more peace to the world. On the first day of the lunar new year, we are going to experience the eclipse of the sun. The sky will turn to red tomorrow evening.

Many will not want to miss this once in a lifetime event. Why it is happening on the first day. Will it bring good luck or more bad things will happen. Why is the sky turning into red. We will see if the sky really turning into red tomorrow.

Meanwhile I will take some photos on the sky turning into red if it really happen and post them here. Once again Happy Lunar New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Life is too short for the wrong job

I think many people would agree with me on this. Something for us to think about if we are really happy at our current position now.

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