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2009 Formula One in Sepang Malaysia

We are only into the second race of the year and already there are many controversies and scandals involving around the team and the organizers of the Formula One. The Sepang GP was asked to start at 5:00 PM local time to allow TV viewers in Europe to be able to watch the race while having the breakfast on a Sunday morning. Already the decision was not very popular in Melbourne as some of the races complained of a low sun that could affect the vision.

Today in Sepang, it was not the case of the sun, but a thunderstorm that caused the Sepang circuit to turn into a river where the race had to be stopped and eventually suspended. Even if the race were to be restarted, there will not be enough sunlight to complete the race.

It was an exciting race indeed. Jenson Button from Brawn GP won for the second time after Australian GP last week. Now we can say that the Brawn Team really mean business and could be the main contender for the title in 2009.

Now where are the Ferraris and the McLarens. Both Ferraris are not in the points and Kimi decided to take early shower and enjoying some ice cream at the team garage. Nothing is right for the Ferrari right from the start.

The biggest gainer will be BMW’s Heidfeld and Toyota’s Timo Glock. It’s interesting to see Toyota to be among the top runners this year. We do hope more podium finish from the Toyotas.

Now where is that Lewis Hamilton. He had a very hard week. Started with a lie to the race officials in Australia and in Sepang Hamilton had a lucky break to finish in champioship points, but McLaren really need to keep focus if they want to be the big boys again. McLaren has more off the track incidents nowadays that has really affecting their performance. Not long ago they were involved in a spy incidence and now a top officials was sacked for deliberately asking Lewis Hamilto to lie to the officials.

In 2 weeks time, we will stop in China. I think the race will start a bit earlier,maybe 3:00 pm local time as they did in Australia. I want to see Jenson Button making it 3 in a row as I see the Brawn GP is the most fastest car now. But we will see the car reliability when the race start to head to Europe in a month or two.


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One thought on “2009 Formula One in Sepang Malaysia

  1. The times shouldn’t have been changed to 5pm. I left the circuit after 20 laps.

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