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The important of good value if life

Many times good values are forgotten as we get older and we spend more time making money and spending so much of out precious time on work. Many people think that work and money is all that is important but at the other end we are losing most part of it. Our value in life, our health conditions and how many out there still has what we call friends, a true friend that we can rely on and help us when in need. These are the values that are missing nowadays from most of us. These are going to be a dreadful disease when we get old when we no longer be able to move, work and make money like the way we do it now.

Yet many failed to see this. Even at this moment many of the so called leaders are fighting for their position and power instead of doing something for the economy of the country so that people can secure a job and put food on the table. They call themselves the leader but a leader without value is useless.

It is so simple to create a good value. When we wake up in the morning, we wake to a positive mood and make the best of our day . If we have extra of anything like time or ideas we can share it with friends and colleagues, remember we lose nothing here but a lot to gain as we also helping others to progress.

We should not expect anything in return and offer our help sincerely to our friends, colleagues, buddies or our comrade in arms and together as team we will achieve success. 


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