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By Elections in April

It is not an April Fools joke but yes we are going to have 3 by elections. In the midst of the country and world all suffering from recession and economic uncertainties, we are still undecided of our leader or least to say who should lead us out of this economic slowdown. Many people are starting to get real tired of all these never ending play of elections and power exchange by politicians as till now we have yet to see any kind of progress or any significant move made by any leader for the recovery of the economy.

Well in fact there are some short term benefit from these elections as many jobless workers will be able to cash in some pocket money if they work as the party workers or do a little bit of side business during these campaign days.

I reckon there will be at least 2 more by elections in 2009 and as things seem hardly to settle down, Malaysia may face a sudden snap election very much sooner than anyone could have anticipated.


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