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Being Annoyed

Last night I was at a local clinic to get some medicine. The clinic was manned by a middle aged man and obviously he has been working there for quite sometimes judging from his age. No long after that a young man came in and walked straight to the registration counter. Suddenly there was some commotion between the 2 man. One man accusing the other that the service was very poor and the argument went on for a while. 

It was just too annoying to me as there many people waiting at the clinic lobby and these people are sick and the last thing they need is is some scene of people quarreling in front of them. Without thinking of the other patients the 2 men continue to argue and blaming each other. This just show that sometimes people are so arrogant and selfish and they think that they are right. But both of them are not right to argue in front of public trying to prove that they are right.

When will people ever learned to be polite and humble. The young man obviously never show a bit of respect to the elderly man or to other patients. The elderly man should also show some respect to other patient or his customer. Annoy really annoying.


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