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Anyone watch the movie Benjamin Button recently

The movie about Benjamin Button is something that is unthinkable by many. How could an 80 years old born and become younger day by day and die when he is back to infant. Like what the movie, life is not measured by minutes but by the moment we spent in it. Benjamin Button has it all, he has the ability to go backward in life. It is a story about 2 lives going the opposite ways, Benjamin who ages backward and Daisy his lifelong love, a ballet dancer.

Benjamin live to a great experience of happiness, sadness, love, grief and death. he brought up in an old folks home after abandoned by his father right after birth on the night the world ended, he was taken care by Queenie. He worked at a tug boat and sailed around the world where he met a married woman. 

The movie tells about the things in life for most people. We all born, age and some day will die. It’s about those moments that pass our lives everyday and how we make use of the precious gift we have, our time in this world. We just cannot let it pass us by, but to live it to the fullest we can and fulfill our dreams.

Not everyone will be lucky enough to get struck by lightning 7 times and to be alive, but lightning do strike. Remember life isn’t measured by minutes by by the moment we in it.


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