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IPhone from Maxis in Malaysia

After years of waiting Malaysians finally got the chance to use Iphone in Malaysia. But it’s not going to be cheap to won one. But be prepared to spend huge amount of money if you want to use one. It should be around RM2700-3000 to own a phone with service included. That is a lot to pay for a phone, but with all the features it is something worth to pay for.











Looks great right. But why do we have to wait so long to get one and why the price tag is so high. Once again when come to technology especially 3G and high speed networking we are always too slow. But better late than never.


TMNet oh TMNet

TMNet is slowing a snail pace again. Imagine I much we could have achieved if we have a good internet connection just like other countries. Common man, we can have the tallest building,biggest ketupat, maybe to get the fastest internet speed is impossible, why not try the slowest speed. Its the world most slowest internet speed.

We should know that 2MB or even 8MB are just stone age speed, we are here struggling to even get a full 1MB. My watch just dead waiting…………….

Future of Blogging in 2009

We are now at the tail end of 2008 and many of us will start to think what to expect in 2009. With recent economic crisis we start to wonder if blogging is going to be better than this year or is it going to get worse. Today is the day of the internet and many people has turned to the internet for businesses and career. There are many successful internet marketers and bloggers who are actually earning a very good living from the internet.

There are many bloggers coming up today who are making some good money. Making money from blogs are mostly from advertisement and there are reports that show some bloggers are earning enough for them to live through the month. It may sound very simple and takes a lot of hard work and patient. But if we have the passion for blogging and enjoy what we are doing we are going to be successful one day. 

I may start a new niche blog soon to have a good start in 2009 as I think that next year the worse is about to end and a new beginning is going to start. So to all those bloggers out there, may the best be with you.

IPhone Girl Beauty Mystery

Many of the netizens are wondering who the photo of a chinese factory worker that showed up in an Iphone bought by a consumer in Britain. Probably the photo was meant for the testing and was not intended for anything else. Dubbed as the Iphone beauty the girl suddenly became an overnight ‘celebrity’ although her identify is yet to be revealed.

It seem that the small mistake has lead to a beautiful mistake. Or was it some kind of fate. The girl could end up making more money than she could have imagine if her real identity is known with this little accidental beautiful mistake.

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