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IPhone Girl Beauty Mystery

Many of the netizens are wondering who the photo of a chinese factory worker that showed up in an Iphone bought by a consumer in Britain. Probably the photo was meant for the testing and was not intended for anything else. Dubbed as the Iphone beauty the girl suddenly became an overnight ‘celebrity’ although her identify is yet to be revealed.

It seem that the small mistake has lead to a beautiful mistake. Or was it some kind of fate. The girl could end up making more money than she could have imagine if her real identity is known with this little accidental beautiful mistake.


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2 thoughts on “IPhone Girl Beauty Mystery

  1. Hi Netizens and I-Phone Lovers,

    First of all I would like to tell you that this is something of a consequence to the automaton jobs factory workers called “operators” may actually experience.

    We are all but human and maybe prone to error.

    The error lay when the person who took the photo forgot to erase the image from phone memory.

    What the pretty I-Phone girl is wearing is an anti-static clean room wear called a smack gown.

    These so called “operators” come from the simplest of homes seeking good jobs and a good future enduring countless mandatory or voluntary overtime just to deliver the wonders of technology we want to own.

    Sad to say most of these operators would never get to own such very expensive wonders of technology but they pour out their hearts and soul to manufacture for us in exchange for almost close to minimum wages.

    I-Phone girl is highly likely a Q/A person if you would deduce in the picture that the I-Phone is set on a Fixture or a Jig with a data cable exposed.

    Hats off to these wonderful people who do a good job to deliver quality goods.

    I would rather have a world compassionate enough to understand that these things happen as we are all but humans.

    I would rather that she be the next I-Phone “it” girl for asia or for the whole world.

    I would rather have her benefit from this with a college fund since such factory workers may not have access to college education.

    Q/A personnel are keen on details and good with numbers and the I-Phone girl may make it in college with a degree.

    Lastly in Asia, the V sign for the younger generation is a sign of virginity.

    In almost all aspects I-Phone girl is innocent, unassuming, bubbly, charismatic and very friendly.

    Let’s all see to it that she won’t get fired from her job and at least enjoy her worldwide fame.

    For we are all spokes on a wheel rolling with the cogs of industry and economy.

    Marlou J. Madrio

  2. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

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