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Petrol price down and the roads are congested again

Sometimes I prefer the petrol price to remain high so that people will not drive and keep their car off the roads. Since last Thursday I was caught in the traffic jams due to sudden increase of traffic on the road. Not surprisingly, the petrol price was slashed to RM2 per liter last week and it is more affordable. People forget how hard it was during the high price of petrol and many decided to share transport with friends or take public transport. It was a smart move at that time, not only we managed to save some on petrol expenses but we also managed to reduce the high volume of traffics and conserve the environment.

Out of 10 cars I saw on the road today, at least cars were occupied with the driver only and no passenger. This only mean that so much is being wasted, a car that can carry 4 passengers is being use to carry 1. We all need to learn from our recent past when the oil hit historical high but then when things are getting a bit better, we just tend to forget.

Oil price will again definitely going to go up again in the near future. Since we already know what is going to happen, we must prepare ourselves from now on. 


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