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Cold Wave Hit Earth

It may sound a bit funny but the last few days, I woke up to a very cold morning, something that I never experience before here in tropical Malaysia, but it seem the temperature is around 20 C in early morning. It is nice to experience cooler days sometimes in the tropic but at the same time it brings a lot of health problem like cold and cough. In other parts of Malaysia floods are over the place due to the monsoon season and it is the worse flood ever recorded.

In some Northern countries, temperature dropping until minus 40 C during this winter time making it practically impossible for human to survive. Now we are suffering from severe cold and in 6 months time in countries like India the temperature can go up until 40 C and many will suffer intense heat.

By now we should know that the earth is not in a “stable” condition due to the already known problem of global warming. In a year or two the condition will get even worse. There will be more disasters like floods and other disaster, temperature could come down to minus 100 in winter or boiling point in summer.

Something need to be done right now.


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