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Final Lap of Permatang Pauh Election

We came to the final day before the poling day on the 26th August 2008. Today itself many employees and workers received some good news that tomorrow will be a public holiday but some are just too excited to be happy when they heard the good news. Most of their attentions are on Permatang Pauh itself although they may not be the voters from that area. Nevertheless many want to know the latest situation and who is leading at the moment. Words from the street saying that Anwar Ibrahim ia having an edge over the other candidates and even bookmakers are putting very high odds on him, something like a football match between Manchester United and a second division team and some more MU is having home ground advantage.

We hardly see any impact made by the BN candidate except some news from the TV and some major newspapers but there is not much of him heard especially from the street. Some said that he may lose his deposit this time around, but we know that there are some strong BN grassroots still exists in Permatang Pauh.

Who are the voters in Permatang Pauh and what are they made of? They are made of Anwar Ibrahim loyal supporters from all group of races. The Chinese, Indian and the urban Malays are all behind Anwar Ibrahim as the people now want someone like Anwar Ibrahim to be in parliament and to be the next prime minister. There maybe some rural folks who are still too loyal to UMNO and BN but many believe that the tradition has slowly changed. People change and so is the country.

Permatang Pauh with the people of Penang will decide tomorrow who will come out victory and we just only hope that no untoward incident will happen tomorrow regardless of what is the results. Politics is just like any other competition, there will be losers and there will be winners. At the end of the day the ultimate winner is the people themselves, the voters and not the party or any individual. Whoever won will need to prove to the people why he deserve to win and that is just another bigger battle that he must challenge, even bigger than this election itself.



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