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The day after Permatang Pauh Election

A day after the result of the Permatang Pauh election, everyone coming back to their work and life goes on as usual. The result was much to everyone expectation and their choice Anwar Ibrahim has won with a very convincing majority. The voters turnout was more than reported earlier where 80% of the voters have done their duty in this by election. As early as 7.00 PM last night, the unofficial result was already known and in fact many would agreed that the outcome was very clear during the last laps of the campaigns.

The attention now is what will happen next. Will the changes the people are hoping for will ever come true. This is the question that is going to play in the people’s mind, their everyday topic during their tea break and this would be the flavor of most conversation for the next few days or weeks. These questions will be answered in the next few days when Anwar makes his comeback to the parliament which will mark a new chapter in Malaysian politic.

For Permatang Pauh life will goes on like before, they have performed their duty, a duty that the whole is watching and they have done it as expected. Permatang Pauh will remain in memories of hundred of thousands of people for the last few days, many have not heard the place or where it is. Many met new friends, new experiences and hoping for a new life. We do hope this chapter will not just end like the election campaign, it will not go when the posters are cleared from the street. It will remain not only in Permatang Pauh but to everyone who are hoping for the better in life. 


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2 thoughts on “The day after Permatang Pauh Election

  1. A Sinking “Titanic” (BN) in Malaysia? (The show has just begun!)

    Malaysia’s Titanic (BN) was deemed unsinkable when it was first launched. Even when it hit an iceberg on 8 March 2008, it was so hard to accept that the ship will sink. When all efforts to save the ship from sinking was finally abandoned, the Captain (DSAB) just stood silently awaiting the fate as a forlorn man. He was hoping the Carpentia or some other nearby ships will come in time to save the passengers. It was sad to see the Captain firing off some distress flares to alert the Carpentier, but the Carpentier’s Captain (DSNTR) was just not convinced that the Titanic was in distress.

    In between is a love story of Leonardo DiCaprio (DSAI) and Kate Winslet (Azizah). Azizah refused to abandon her love, even though many a times, events show she should just save herself. She held on to hopes, hoping against hope that she and her love can pull thru and both will survive this tragedy. Both suffered mentally and emotionally and in the end, it was Azizah left to tell the tale of a great man who sacrificed himself to save her.

    As for the crew of the Titanic (Little Napoleons) and their friends who are rich and powerful corporate figures, who helped run the ship, did you see the desperation when they found out that the ship is really sinking. Most of them scramble to save their lives and abandon ship and some, with loads of money found they can’t buy anything they wanted, even a place on a lifeboat to save their lives (TDM migration). But not all, for there was a few brave Napoleons who tried to show they are committed to the name of Titanic (BN) and the show continues.

    There was an old couple who just lay in bed waiting for the ship to sink (MIC & PPP) abandoned by the young and too old to move around anymore. There were also musicians still playing the ship’s songs (MCA, PBB, LDP, PBRS, PRS, SAPP, SPDP, SUPP, UPKO) and died like true musicians dedicated to their role of love for music. There were also some crew (GERAKAN) still working to plug the leaks at the bottom of the ship until they themselves died thinking they were heroes not knowing the ship cannot be saved just by plugging some holes.

    Do you know who was the director of Titanic (BN) show? James Cameron (TDM).

    Did you know this show was shown around the world?

    Did you know Malaysia has some of the best actors and actresses and supporting casts?

    Anyway, it was just a movie, for the real show has only just begun!

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  2. That is a good one. Well said. The holes are getting bigger and someone forgot what lies under the iceberg.

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