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September 16 for Anwar, will it ever come?

We have come to the month of September and people are anxiously waiting for the outcome after September 16. Will there be a change of government and can Anwar secure the 30 Mps from Sabah and Sarawak to join the Pakatan Rakyat in order to form a new government. All these will be answered in a few days time, probably before September 16. 

As as now, there are many developments going on with MPs from Borneo States despite their repeating pledge that they still support the present BN leadership, everybody know that anything can happen at the 11th hour in politic. Although many will say that the budget which was tabled by the BN last Friday was a caring budget, but it received many negative feedbacks from the leaders in Sarawak in particular. There are simply not enough allocations for the state infrastructures especially road that link some of the major towns in the state, where some towns are actually still connected by using the river. 

If September 16 going to happen what are the numbers can we expect to cross over to the PR side. Will 31 be enough or will we see more bigger number or will there be more from other BN components who already got fed up or lost confidence with the present leadership of BN.

We just could hope that nothing untoward incident will happen such as in Bangkok, We just celebrated our 51st Merdeka Day celebration and was real blessed to live in a country of true peace and harmony. I believe that the whole people of Malaysia will like to see the country to continue progressing in peace. We love our country and when the Negaraku was sang on the Merdeka morning many were seen shed tears as we know that the country is in such as mess and it need us to make it better. 

Many of us know that and we have done that as early as the March 08 political tsunami and again in the PP by election where people show it without a shadow of doubt that we want a change and we want it now. Now we just wait and see……….


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