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Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim is back to Parliament

After an absence for 10 years, Anwar Ibrahim is making a comeback to the parliament on the 28th August 2008. How things have changed since the last time Anwar was in parliament. Obviously there are a lot of changes. Anwar is now sitting at the opposition seat and as the opposition leader too. That may well be changing in the course of time when there could be some changing in the sitting position where he could be well on the opposite side if things goes well with his plan. 

From now there will be a lot of changes in the parliament and with the addition of Anwar Ibrahim things will be getting more interesting and especially after the huge support from the recent Permatang Pauh election, a lot is expected from the people to the man whom people believe will bring changes to the country. Is he the alternative for the present leader or is he the one who can really lead the country. We all know the calibre of Anwar Ibrahim since his days of the deputy prime minister. Who could deny that he was the perfect man to replace Dr. Mahathir after the later retirement. 

Now that he is back, many expect him to take it from where he left it. Like what was said during the Permatang Pauh campaign , its now or never.


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