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Love Lane in black and white

This is Love Lane in Penang taken in black and white

Munthri Street


Rays of hope


Stunning rays of lights from the sunshine just at sunrise bringing new hope.Rays of Hope

Here come the sun

Another beautiful sunrise

Sunset at Permatang Damar Laut Penang

Another evening at Permatang Damar Laut_MG_9533

A beautiful day by the sea

A beautiful day by the floating restaurant. A clear day and a perfect day for photographyIMG_90402

The building at sea

I love taking picture of building such as this QEII building in Penang. This is a restaurant, pub and a very happening place at night. But it can be very quiet and peaceful during the early hours in the morning. I could not get a good sunrise that day and decided to point my camera to this building. I managed to get some beautiful colours of the cloud and the sky. QE2

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