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Caught in the Rat Race again?

Are we got caught in the rat race again. We just running around in circles and the faster we run the faster we get tired and finding ourselves getting nowhere. Everyone of us has a dream. It maybe freedom of time or unlimited resources to travel the world. But most of us are chasing our dreams using the same old method and now we are stuck in the rat race again.

We are in the month of March and situations are not getting any better in the US or any where in the world. The Dow Jones dropped to a 10 year low and we cannot dismiss the possibility that it may even break the 5000 level. Business are tough and jobs are very hard to secure. Everyday we hear people talking about retrenchments and salary cuts and this is happening around us, our friends and relatives.

What should we do during this time and what we need to prepare ourselves for the worse or when things are getting better. I say there are plenty that we can do. There are plenty that we can make use of during this crisis period. Crisis can be an opportunity for us. It can be like the world after a war and need to be built again. Let us think what we can do during the recovery which will happen not too long from now.


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