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Blogging and the stone age internet speed

I have been using the internet for more than 10 years now and I remember the time when we can only access with a dial up modem with a speed of merely 14.4 Kps. It was a luxury to own an internet those days. Websites were simple, there was no java application blogs and sites used less graphics and photos. Then there was broadband came to our shore with a speed of up to 1 mbps and wow how lucky are we to have such a fast speed internet access.

Lucky? No way, we are paying for a speed of 1 mb but most of the time we get only 1/3 of what we are paying for. Why is that the case and nobody seem to really care about it. What kind of broadband we have, its more like a narrow band and sometimes no band at all.

Most countries who started internet at the same time as we do in Malaysia are already in the bandwidth of 100 mbps and that is what we call broadband. Here we want to go forward and show to the world that we can achieve as good as others but when we almost there we started to feel that we no longer need to go further and decided to take a short nap or most of the time a long nap without realizing that the world is passing through very fast and we no longer can catch up with them.

Seem so familiar right. Come on we are in bolehland, at least get the internet problem solved once and forever. People just across the sea are surfing at the speed 100 times faster than us and we are still thinking that we are ok.


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