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Funniest Politicians

We in Malaysian has been entertained by a series of clowns we called them politicians with their stupid acts recently. The are those who perform frog jumping, photo black mailing, endless by elections (who knows how many more we going to see till year end) and many more. Simply for what, for power and personal gain thats all, for the people no. Money wasted on so many be elections is enough to trained retrenched workers and help the hardcore poor in the country. Just how much is the battle cry of helping the people is true. 

As a today there are about 200 millions people lost their job recently due to the recession and many more to come. We will not be spare either. Recession is something global and the effect is felt everywhere. Everyday when we wake up in the morning we are greeted with the feeling of fear that we can still keep our job for the day. I know this is not a good thing to think that way. But it is the reality that something is really beyond our control.

However there is something that we can take control of, that is boost up the economy. That is what the government and so called politician should be doing now. The 8 o’clock news talk about nothing but new of party hopping and scandals. Why aren’t there news on bank policies, the country plan if any for economic stimulus. Many people will not understand about recession and how they can contribute to it. Maybe there isn’t any move at all by the leaders and still living in dreams that we are safe from the crisis. Come on people wake up. There is work to be done


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