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No holding back

Today we saw the oil price retreat again and another worry that the world economy is far from recovering. The Asian stock markets also dropped with concerns that Japan is going into a deeper recession. So far there is no sign of any early recovery at the manufacturing side as orders has dropped and many factories are forced to slow down and retrench some of the workers.

Jobless figures keep on rising even in developed nation like Japan and this will eventually spread throughout South East Asia as these region depend so much on Japanese presence for their economy.

In 18 months time we are going to see so many developments in this region. We are going to see something that we never thought they could happen but will happen. This time around the situation is going to be even worse than we could imagine. Jobless rate could easily reach 20% which is just too high. We never thought that the oil price could reach USD140 but it touched that level some few months ago.

Economic crisis will also lead to political crisis. This will not lead to any war but there will be many leadership change during this time. We saw what happened in Thailand, we can see the similar to happen else where.

Will this be enough for us to take, will there any more. Will there be a bigger shock like another big earthquake or tsunami. This maybe hard to predict, but some countries already prepared for the worst. 



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