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The jobless figure in Malaysia

We are already in the first week after the Chinese New Year and it was forecasted that more workers will lose their job as companies downsizing their operation or closing their business. Many multi national companies in Penang and Kl already made announcement that they are going to to make some restructuring in operation and thus laying off some workers cannot be avoided. 

Looks like this laying off workers thing is just starting to take off and some people forecast the whole process could to go even worse. Even Japanese giants like Sony and Panasonic are also badly affected and also force to cut down on their labor in order to cut cost.

It is reported that some 100,000 Malaysian will become jobless this year and the number could become more if the current situation is not getting any better. What do we do now? Once one lost a job how soon can they get to employment again. How long will they be without job? What about their family and their other commitment.

Things are not any better in developed countries like the US or Japan than here back at home. Now is the time to look forward and to find other opportunities during this hard time. Indeed there are plenty of things that we can do and not just rely on employment only. During in any crisis there is opportunity for some and many people see more negative thoughts in it.



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