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Lost Season 5

I was watching Lost today on my PC and wondering what season 5 going to be like. I have finished season 1 and season 4 and still have season 2 and 3 to watch. I’m not really a big fan of TV shows and thats probably why I’m taking so much time to finish a series. 

Lost is probably one of the most popular series and many people are waiting for season 5 to come in January 2009. After watching 1 until 4 we all know that the six will go back to the island to find the answers they never know. What are the stories going to be like in season 5 or will there be some new people coming in season 5. They all know that they need to come back to the island and there is a reason why they were brought there in the first place by fate or destiny. 

Lost fans has been waiting for quite sometimes now and Jack and his friends will back again to the scene this coming January


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