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Bad things happen during a recession

I was watching the local TV news today and was very shocked when I heard on the news that a man in the US shot his ex-ceo because his service was terminated. Everyday we hear about companies laying off workers and many more a closing down due to bad business. The motor industries in the US are said to be down sizing their operation and that means that more people are going to be without job.

Locally there are news that many companies and factories are cutting their operations and some factories only operate 4 days a week and workers are force to take annual leave or leave without pay. People will have less income and have to opted for other source. There are many people become petty traders at night in order to earn some extra money.

There are also rapid increase in the number of crime. We can almost hear or read in the paper that banks and goldsmiths are robbed. It is almost the same as the time during the old western where outlaws robbed banks. Even in the wide sea, pirates are actually controlling the sea water and hijacked big ocean vessels almost every week. It seem that there is also a cycle for this just like the economic turmoil. Bandits, pirates, robbers and back in the street again. We do hope that this cycle will not last any longer as we want back our peace and properity.


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