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Kanda Gawa

I came across a very old Japanese folk song in the 70s name Kanda Gawa or Kanda River. I really like listening to this song over and over again even though it is a bit old but it is still beautiful as ever. The song was released by a group Kaguyahime and was a great hit in those days and will hear them in karaoke nowadays.

The song is about a bittersweet experience of a young man living with his girlfriend in a small room at Kanda Gawa. They will always go to the public bath together along the alley. Every time he has o wait for her outside the public until she came out although they always promise to come out together. While waiting his hair that he just washed would become chilly and the small soap he was holding will be making clapping sound. Suddenly she hold him tightly and just said its very cold. At that time they were very young and not afraid of anything except the kindness of each other. He also wondering now if she remembers of the color pencils he gave her which she used to draw the picture of his face. But the drawing was never like him. That was the time when they stayed at a small 3 tatami room and below it is Kanda Gawa. At that time she asked him if he is sad…………


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3 thoughts on “Kanda Gawa

  1. I heard this song first in Namba shopping mall, Osaka in 1974 and it has been a favourite of mine ever since

  2. I heard this song in Namba Shopping Mall, Osaka in 1974 and it has been a favourite of mine ever since. It’s a beautiful rendition

    • andru on said:

      Yes, the song itself is a story, something we don’t see in modern Japan nowadays, but still remain in the song.

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