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Being Perfect

In this world there is no one single human being that is perfect or anything that is made by human that we can call perfect. But we always want to achieve perfect and there is nothing wrong with it even though we know that we can never achieve perfect. 

What is perfect. It is something without defect even by a slight of a percent. Even the greatest invention will someday find itself being modified or upgraded. That is the beauty of human mind that we are always thinking on improving something. It has been going on for thousands of years that human have progressed to the level where we are today. And we can just guess what the world would be years from now.

I have waited for the perfect time to shoot this photo, the sky, the position of the sun and the cloud. There is always something that I need to improve the next time I carry my camera.

But I guess its is alright to study those imperfect and making them better. Some photos it takes me a dozen trip and few weeks to get a good one. Just one is enough, a good one.



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