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Collapse of the World Economy

Not too long ago, people were talking about the new world and globalization. Much has been said of globalization and capitalism. Today we face a new challenge where globalization itself has taken toll and the whole is on a risk of having a long long economic crisis. Many countries has taken some drastic steps to bail out their economy of which many see that capitalism is a total failure. Where do we go wrong. Even bailing out is a clearly socialism using the state money for economic revival.

Are the policies that were made some 10 years ago are not good enough to prevent any kind of economic disaster. Policy makers must understand that any kind of economic disaster can be as fierce as any natural disaster. People can lose their jobs and eventually their homes. There are hundreds of thousands of people have gone jobless in China alone as most factories are losing demand which is the United States. 

Most of the people I know also praying hard everyday, so that when they go to work tomorrow, they still have work to do and money to pay their bills. But everyday thinking that you can lose your job anytime is not fun for anyone.


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