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Change lifestyle for better health

It is the time of the year again when I need to undergo my yearly medical check up. Thanks to God all my previous medical check ups were okay except for the common comments like overweight and unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.

And each time we got those reports we keep telling ourselves that we are going to change our lifestyles, but sad to say that many of us failed. May of us still giving the same excuses for not having enough free time to do exercises and there is always tomorrow for us to start.

Who can blame us for not taking those delicious foods available outside there. The crunchy fried chickens and the ever tasty fast food which we already know that these food are not good for us but still we wait for the day that we are going to start taking healthy food.

But lucky for me is that I start to dislike fast food and in fact I starting to hate those food. I will totally stop taking coffee and tea as it keep upsetting my stomach. I will stop taking deep fried food and it also upsetting my stomach and I hate the smell recently.

I haven’t really try on taking heavy fruits and I will start tomorrow onwards and see what effect it has on my body. 

I have not exercise lately due to the injury to my arm as I cannot swing my golf clubs and I will do some indoor exercise or some work out at home to stretch out my muscles and regain back golf swing. This time I will do it till the end.


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