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Dropping Oil Price

There are something that we can finally cheer finally as the global oil price dropped to a level of USD80 a barrel. This mean that the petrol stand price will drop as well and ease some burden to people who depend heavily on fuel. Hopefully the fuel will continue to drop further but not to cause any panic in the economic world as cheap fuel will also mean slow demand which also translate to slow economic. 

Hopefully we all will continue to keep to our prudent way of life as we have practice during the hard times we faced some few months ago. We all know very well that we are now in a big recession and nobody can tell for how long it can last or if it can get any more worse. 

What we saw during the last few days was the worst in recent years for as far as I can remember. The stock market recorded some big losses that never happened in recent history. As an immediate measures government started to cut rates and pump in cash to the market. But it is still far from over and may take months to recover back.

At the meantime, we just keep pray and hold on there.


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