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Long Weekend Off

It’s been a few days since I update this blog. I have been busy and was down with cold and just could not find time to write on any topic. Until today I managed to get onto my feet and get something done. To make things not getting any better is now it is a holiday season here. We have 2 festive season holidays and some people are given an extra day on Friday to make it a nice 5 days rest. Well it is certainly a good rest for me.

Well is there so much to holidaying about. On Monday, there was a crush at Wall Street when the bail out package was rejected by the law makers and the effect spread out to Asia the very next day. We thought that the worse may have come and left us but for now many fear that the situation is far from over. In Asia alone businesses are tough and many factories are closing down their operations. In China alone there are over 80,000 factories closed their operation since January due to slow demand. 

Many countries depend on the United States for their export and once there is a slow down in US every where else is effected. Even the oil price could drop as much as USD10 a day when some bad news on US economy is on the news. 

It’s going time for things to come back to normal. Things come in cycle and this is much much very anticipated earlier. Christmas is less than 3 months from now and by then we hope to see some light of hope in front of us.


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2 thoughts on “Long Weekend Off

  1. I hope you are not too sick and that you get better soon, lots of hugs and kisses and take very good care of yourself.

  2. Thanks. Today I feel much better

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