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What a weekend

It was one of the weekend that you wish it was an eventful one but ended up doing nothing and you wish you could start all over again. I just back to my golf game after an absence for about 1 month due to the injury to my arm, the one they called the tennis elbow or golf elbow for golfers. I did play pretty good despite the fact that I lost some of my swing patterns and speed but managed somehow to get the balls on the fairway. 

Now I’m all back to square again, back to the point where we need to start it all over again. I have to get back to training and fix my swing. For some people that is a good news since my previous swing was not good at all. Now I have the chance to start it all over again.

How it would be nice if things can be started all over again. It’s just like the New Year where the first of January will definitely come and we all busy ourselves with our resolutions of the things we want to do or accomplish. We actually were given the chance to start it all over again. But sadly we just do not bother because we know that there is going to be another year coming with 1st of January as the first day.

What are people’s ideas about dream? What do people know about dream? How many of us actually has a dream? When we were young do we actually have dream to be somebody we want to be or we just let ourselves grow up and to be somebody we not really know why. Maybe that is why we never bother to start that journey to the dream which is not ours. 

Dreams are not to be given up. The moment it is given, all hopes will be gone and it just game over.


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