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Lost Season 4

I’m not entirely a fan of any TV series but I managed to complete the entire of Lost Season 4 today. But the funny thing is I have not even watched season 1-3 yet and started it with Season 4 after a friend asked me to get a copy of Season 4. 

Even watching it from Season 4 convinced me that the series is worth to watch and I’m going to get my copy of season 1-3 very soon before the next season 5 is out by next spring.

It will be very interesting in Season 5 if Jack and his friends going back to the island to solve some unsolved mysteries and Jack himself may want to find Claire whom he just learned to be his sister. Will John Locke be going back to the island despite now we know that he is “dead” or what are the roles he will have in season 5. It will be an interesting series to watch


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2 thoughts on “Lost Season 4

  1. Oh, yes, you definitely need to watch it from the beginning. Those are some of the best stuff. Let us know how it is to watch it though…I wonder it if will be easier for you to figure it all out watching it backwards.

  2. Yeah, I’m starting Season 1 now

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