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Ten Minutes Exercise For Better Health

Most of us will find it hard to find time to go for an exercise or workout due to our busy time at work and home. We can simply find an easy excuse not do any exercise because of our busy schedules but this in fact will bring more arm to us.

Not only exercise is good for our health but it also can lift our energy and lower down our stress. Working nine to five sitting in front of the computer is enough to stress anyone plus attending those endless meetings will bring more stressful moments than one can handle in a day. 

An article that I found a few days ago giving some wonderful tips to do some ten minutes exercise while you at at work. You can do it while you are at a lunch break or any intervals that you feel you need to take a break of and get on with your exercise. Here are some of the useful tips.

Take a walk to the other side of the office. Walking often describe as the best known light exercise and taking a few walks to the other ends of other floors without using the elevators can be a form of exercise. Even when you need to pass a document urgently you may want to run a bit faster to burn up some of those calories.

Do the push ups. People do push ups at the gym or at their homes. In the office we can do the wall push ups. It may look very funny at first, but try to invite a friend or a colleagues to do it with you, it may become something fun to do. Wall push up is not like the floor push ups and you can do some ten to twenty push ups at one time.

Stretching. After hours of sitting in front of the computer, we need to do stretching. Stretching not only relax your muscles but also your mind. When we are tired we start to feel sleepy and our mind are not focus on our work. Stretching can lift up our energy back . Stretching can be easily done while we are sitting on our chair. Simply pull out you hand and stretch your muscles for a few seconds. Another good one is to do the golf swing position with your hand holding the other side shoulder while your eye looking at the fully stretched hand. Keep this position for a few second to let the blood flow to the part of the body. After that you will feel very much fresh and full of energy again.

Bring some weight to work. You can bring some weight or any exercise balls to work. You can work the same way you do at the gym while using the dumb bells. 

You can try to do this two to three times a day while in the office and you will soon realize that you have lost those stubborn pound from the weighing scales and you become the person who are full of energy again.


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