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Lee Chong Wei on track for country’s first gold medal

The whole of Malaysia was in joy yesterday when Lee Chong Wei paved his way through to the final of the men’s singles at the Beijing Olympic defeating Lee Hyun-il of South Korea. He will face China’s world no. 1 Lin Dan in the final today. It was not an easy match for Chong Wei as he made many mistakes in the second game which the South Korean won comfortably but managed to get his back his game at the decider and won the third set 21-13. It was a moment of victory to all Malaysians and they hope Chong Wei will give his all very best when facing Lin Dan today.

With the local crowd all behind Lin Dan, it will not be easy to beat the world no. 1. But with our Malaysia Boleh spirit, the whole nation will also be backing up Chong Wei from home and their prayers are with him.

Lets forget about the 1 million ringgit incentives  if he gets the goal medal for now, but just concentrate on winning the gold medal. It is just only 1 chance in a lifetime to be able to compete in the Olympic and to be in the final deciding the gold medalist. We all know that Chong Wei will give all that is left in him to win our country first gold.


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