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Permatang Pauh Election – Deciding Future Prime Minister

The district of Permatang Pauh will be the focus of the nation eye for the next 2 weeks as election fever is coming back after only 6 months since the general election in March. This time it is not just a by election but an election that could determine the future of the country. On paper PKR adviser Annuar Ibrahim seem to be having the upper hand and Permatang Pauh is his strong ground. August 26 will decide the future direction of the country and a win for Annuar Ibrahim will bring him closer to his political ambition and the people’s desire for a major change in the system.

If the result happened to be going at the opposite direction, the country also decide that they are happy with the current leadership of Abdullah Badawi and are not ready to gamble on any changes and turn their back on Anwar so that Badawi will remain in power. It has been 6 months since the political tsunami where the people has been calling for major reform and the time is just right for the people decide and pull the trigger. Permatang Pauh will the stage for this all. 

The game of number will also play a major part. If Anwar fail to secure large number of votes, it will give a major boost to the Barisan to give them back the people’s confidence in the government. But if the number is large there could be another political tsunami in the country and Malaysia could see a new Prime Minister in September. 

The game have began in Permatang Pauh, all hotels, budget and business are all fully booked for the next 2 weeks, even empty houses are not spared as both parties are getting their machineries ready for the big day to decide who will be our prime minister.


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2 thoughts on “Permatang Pauh Election – Deciding Future Prime Minister

  1. Encek, Hang Rasa Sapa Menang..???

  2. DSAI has the advantage

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